Online Music Playlist Builder

Music is at the core of our DJ hire and event hire business. Our extensive musical knowledge has led to us performing at prestigious weddings, great parties, clubs and events throughout the UK. Our online music playlist builder is the ideal tool to integrate of our musical knowledge and your music tastes and choices.

Our Music Playlist Builder Just For You

We offer clients a huge musical choice from a library exceeding 100,000 tracks and counting. It spans all popular genres and eras, from the 1960’s to the present day. We have uploaded this vast selection to an online playlist design portal, allowing clients to create unique playlists to be played by our DJs at your event. You are free to build playlists for background music, as well as your choices for the dance floor. The playlist system is easy to use and will allow you to leave messages for your DJ if you would like a song to be played at a specific time. Once you have produced your playlist, your DJ will be able to incorporate your choices in a cohesive and entertaining manner at your event, keeping a continuous flow of music which is perfectly beat mixed. The playlist builder allows you to list tracks in order of preference from “must play” to “play if possible” and also songs, bands and genres you would rather not hear. If you would prefer you can leave the musical selections to our talented DJs, who are great at reading just what you, and your guests would like. Choosing a selection of your favourite songs on the playlist builder is enough to give your DJ a good idea of what types of music you would like. You are welcome to choose the entire playlist for your event if you really want.

Easy To Use Music Playlist Builder

  • Annotate chosen tracks. Allowing you to leave messages for your DJ and select a specific time to play songs.
  • Categorize your music into “must play”, “play if possible” and “do not play” so the most important songs can be prioritised.
  • Allow your guests to select songs. We provide you with a unique URL and password which you can pass on to guests.
  • Easy to use. Simple navigation and searching means a desired track is only a couple of clicks away, and you can add your own choices.
  • Access it from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet device.
  • Free for clients booking DJs, or event services.
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