Silent Disco DJ

A Silent disco is a fun and novel way of throwing a party for all age groups. They differ from a normal disco in that there are no speakers required for the dancefloor. Instead your guests are provided with a pair of wireless headphones which can be tuned in to listen to one or more independant channels of music being broadcasted simultaneously to the headphones by our silent disco DJs. If you were to enter the room without headphones you would see a room full of people dancing, yet hear no music.

Advantages Of A Silent Disco DJ

Hosting a silent disco is perfect if your party venue has noise restrictions in place or if you have guests that would rather not listen to the music.  Another benefit a silent disco has over a conventional disco is that, as we are able to broadcast 3 independant channels of music to the dance floor at the same time, you are able to choose different genres of music for each channel, ensuring a wide variety of musical choice for you and your guests. For their comfort guests are able to set individual volume levels on their headphones. The channels are colour coded with lights on either side of the headphones, indicating to fellow party goers which channels they are tuned in to.

A popular scenario would be as follows;

  • DJ 1 playing popular chart hits on channel 1 (Blue)
  • DJ 2 playing disco and 80’s classics on channel 2 (Red)
  • DJ 3 playing rock and indie music on channel 3 (Green)

Silent Disco DJs London

When you book our silent disco DJs we provide all the equipment including headphones and transmission systems in addition to our DJ equipment and lighting. You just need to let us know how many guests you have invited so we know how many pairs of headphones to bring. Don’t worry if you have a few extra guests on the night, we always carry spares.

Our silent disco DJs are available for parties and celebrations throughout London and the home counties. For more information or to book a DJ, contact us here.

silent disco DJ London
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